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Lessons from the field: Finding low-hanging fruit.

As a consultant, I used to LOVE the phrase, “Low-Hanging Fruit.” It’s a great example of overused businessy jargon, but it’s also incredibly powerful. If you are comparing your options and some will have low impact and a high effort, why in the world would you go for it? The finding success that takes minimal effort and has maximum impact turns everyone into a rockstar.

On a short afternoon break, I set out to pick blackberries for the evening’s dessert. Blackberries are thorny, messy and with a UV index of 8 in 90-degree heat and no sunscreen, I needed to get back to work quickly. I really came to a new appreciation for low-hanging fruit.

Inspired by the experience of actually finding low-hanging fruit, here are some lessons that will inspire you to find your own. It’s out there!

OOOH look at THAT one!

If I see the juicy berry that’s just out of reach, why do I stretch for it? Most likely it’s because I have it in my sights. But the problem is it’s only one berry, and I’m risking falling into the thorns stretching for it. If instead I turn 5 degrees to my right and there is a whole cluster of tasty treats, that’s a much better option.

That’s the hard thing, being able to avoid the tunnel vision and take a look around. Once you do, you’ll realize there are many viable options.

How is tunnel vision limiting your impact?

Find a great spot and come back to it.

It wasn’t the first time I went berry picking this month. In fact, I was out there 5 days prior, so the good news is I already knew where all the fruit was. At the time, I picked those bushes clean, but when I went back out, it turned out that even more blackberries had ripened. I was able to skip the less fruitful sections that I learned from the last outing and go right back to my previous discoveries. Applying past experience and jumping right into the best spots allowed me to pick the same amount of fruit in half the time.

Where have you gotten wins and can you generate even more success in the same place?

If I’m picking berries, I’m also eating berries.

If you’ve never been blackberry picking, I’ve got some great news for you. Sometimes the ripest and juiciest berries just smash in your hand when you’re picking them. Oh no.. you have a sun-warmed berry that’s mush. You can either throw it on the ground where it will never be enjoyed, add it to the bucket where it will bleed deliciousness… or you can eat it. Right then and there. That’s what I do. Sometimes I see the plump fruit on the vine and get a little excited knowing that it’s going to be extra tasty and I’m not even a little disappointed when it gets “accidentally” mashed. It’s just one of the benefits of picking.

What wins are you celebrating and enjoying?

I’ve always been one to look for quick wins. Let’s face it, quick wins are THE BEST. They generate results, take minimal effort and have maximum impact. But are you always looking for the low-hanging fruit? Many times it takes the outsider’s perspective to find the best spots. Contact me to have a quick chat and see if we can find your low-hanging fruit.


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