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Will your next training inspire, engage and connect?

This isn’t death by 1,000 PowerPoint slides, Megan Robinson will have your audience connecting and inspired.

Megan Robinson is the principal at E Leader Experience and works with individuals and teams to develop Self-Leadership skills that grow companies. Inspired by her own successful career in corporate and entrepreneurial environments, Megan makes leadership approachable for everyone, regardless of title, position, or experience.

Panels & Roundtables

When looking for a fresh perspective, Megan brings quick wit and deep insights to every conversation. Discussions that challenge, inspire and expand perspectives, Megan will make sure your panel is full of insights, takeaways and some laughs.  


When looking for the right workshop you’re not going to want to waste any resources. That’s why the one-and-done model rarely creates lasting change. That’s why we prefer to create a mini-series that engages, supports and inspires new behaviors. Our workshop series combines incredible content, practice exercises and check-ins to allow real deep learning to take place.

Casual Conversations

Lunch & learns, happy hours and networking events provide opportunities for informal development. These events need to be engaging and add to the culture, and community. Great for 20-minute,30-minute or hour-long sessions, contact us to design a program that’s right for your group. 

Sample Presentations

Leadership: A Hero's Journey

On this adventure called life, you’re the heroine of your own story. Take the classic “Hero's Journey” and apply it to your leadership story. Prepare yourself for the steps, challenges and opportunities that lie ahead because it’s not a matter of if, but when you will need to become a leader.

Key takeaways:

  • Explain how storytelling can improve your leadership

  • Recognize where you are on your own leadership journey

  • Present your own leadership story

Management vs. Leadership

When it comes to leaders and managers, what's the difference? This session will help you to understand the impacts and challenges of both positions. Plus get inspired with a fresh perspective on how you can evolve your own management into better leadership. 

Key takeaways:

  • Explain the differences between leadership and management

  • Define leadership and define management

  • Recognize when they or someone else, is acting as a manager instead of a leader

Collaborative Accountability 

 Designed to empower leaders and managers, this class offers practical strategies aimed at turning workplace frustrations into opportunities for growth – all while embracing a culture of shared accountability. By breaking down the barriers to effective accountability and addressing the underlying fears that leaders face, this course offers a path to a more engaged and responsible team culture. 

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the accountability framework to address future opportunities. 

  • Examine and address fears, concerns, and challenges with accountability.

  • Master the art of setting clear expectations


4 Pillars of Self-Leadership

Each pillar of self-leadership offers numerous stories, spinoffs and speeches. Whether you are looking to inspire a team, build skills, or just get the conversation started, these areas of focus are going to elevate everyone’s leadership ability. 

5 Levels of Leadership (14).png

Our Process

Each audience, presentation, and experience is unique. We work with you to craft the very best content to fill your needs. 

Understand Your Audience

We need to know who we are talking to inorder to craft the best experience for them. 

  • What do you want the audience to take away?

  • What are their biggest needs?

  • Where are they on their leadership journey?

Define Your Goals

Success means something different for everyone.


  • What is the purpose of this event?

  • How will we know that we’ve done an outstanding job?

  • What can we achieve in the time allotted?

  • What do stakeholders expect? 

Wrap it Up With a Bow

Finding opporutnities to create extended value increases success. Creating for pre, during and post event strategies maximizes the impact for everyone. 

  • How will se get the audience excited about the session?

  • What followup materials or resources do we need to prepare?

  • How can this session accentuate bigger values and themes? 

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