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Beyond Compliance: Building HR Strategic Partnerships with Mark Izzo

"Making sure that your HR, whoever is in charge of HR at the top, is reporting to the CEO. That immediately gets them. If they're not doing that, that's probably the first indicator that you need to change."

On this episode of Culture Conversations, Megan Robinson sits down with Mark from Converge HR to discuss HR's role in leadership. Mark, the founder of Converge HR Solutions, emphasizes the importance of shifting HR from box-checking to strategic problem solvers and partners. He highlights the significance of maximizing relationships and human capital to enhance team performance and employee happiness. Mark's vision of making work great shines through in his organization's focus on core values and building a culture that fosters engagement and business success.

Mark Izzo

Making work great — that's what Mark had in mind when he founded Converge HR Solutions in 2006. With a vision of helping companies engage their employees; resulting in increased business performance and employee happiness, Converge HR Solutions was on its way.

Mark went to work on building the team and the culture necessary to carry out the vision. "Excellence, Integrity and Teamwork" the core values then, and now which guide the direction, decision-making, team collaboration and client interactions.

Prior to founding Converge HR Solutions, Mark was the Chief Administrative Officer for a large Philadelphia based non-profit organization. In this capacity, he was responsible for strategy and operations support of five subsidiary companies for this $250 million Foundation. He also served in the capacity of Chief HR Officer for 10 years before assuming the responsibilities of Chief Administration


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