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Maximizing Impact as an HR Department of One w/ Bryttani Graddick

"Because I think that it's easy to stay where we're most comfortable. To do the hard things requires a different side of us, and we have to tap into that."

Bryttani Graddick

Bryttani Graddick is an HR Leadership Career Coach with a heart for serving others. As CEO & Founder of Talented Teams Consulting, LLC, she educates and empowers HR professionals to build their careers on purpose.

She started her HR career as an unpaid intern and currently serves as VP of Administration & Human Resources in the credit union industry. In her executive role, she leads human resources, compliance, and training/ development. As a lifelong learner, she understands the importance of building skills and abilities to prepare yourself for a fruitful career and positively impact those around you.

Currently serving as an Instructor and Education Partner for SHRM, Bryttani believes in continuously building your skills to reach new heights personally and professionally.


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