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The Power of Gratitude w/ Traci Austin

Today on Culture Conversations, host Megan Robinson is joined by Traci Austin, an HR professional with a passion for helping organizations bridge the gap with their people. Traci's career journey is one of overcoming obstacles using data and insights to coach teams toward reaching their full potential. Join Megan and Traci as they delve into the culture of gratitude and how it can transform workplaces for the better. Tune in for an insightful discussion filled with laughter, best practices, and heartfelt connections.

Traci Austin

Traci Austin's HR career develops like a captivating story, driven by a persistent desire to overcome obstacles in the commercial world. Traci is a leader in talent optimization, having guided tiny organizations with data-driven grace and amazing success for PE-backed firms. With a vision of a future where growth and long-lasting effect are constants, she is deftly confronting workplace difficulties, formulating astute tactics, and bringing things to reality in real-time.

Traci is like a spark who ignites workplace transformations and regularly exceeds expectations. Her influence extends far beyond borders; it's a global connection shaped by her impactful contributions and expertise, elevating the narrative of HR practices. She sees this as more than just a shift—rather, it's a revolution in the way that corporations view and develop talent. As she envisions a future of constant growth and development, Traci is at the forefront of shaping a revolutionary approach to talent optimization.


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