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Coaching is About Change.

What is Coaching? 

Coaching will stretch you, challenge you, and sometimes confront you, but always from a supportive position of service.

Coaching can cover a breadth of issues, such as: 

  • dealing with the immediate obstacles that are preventing growth, 

  • personal communication and impact

  • building the vision and plan 

In summary, coaching is about the marriage of a persons’ potential with performance.



Your coach is there to keep things moving and celebrate your success.

Problem Solving

Let's tackle your challenges together.


It's are always clearer when it isn't you. An outside perspective is often needed to build awareness and growth. 


What got you here won't get you there. Great coaching is all about continuous improvement, measurable results and meeting your goals. 

Meet Your Coach:
Megan Robinson

🙋 Leadership Coach | 🦈 Marketing Shark | 💭 Business Strategist

With first-hand experience navigating the leadership challenge, Megan gives back to her team, community and the business world at large through her programs and coaching. Inspired by her own successful career, she makes leadership approachable and achievable for everyone, regardless of title, position, or experience.


After many “Business Therapy” sessions, Megan discovered her true passion in coaching and is a John Maxwell certified coach and DiSC Trainer. In addition, she is the President of ATDChi the leading learning and development organization in Chicagoland. 

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Steven Briggs,

Business Owner

Megan has an extraordinary mind as a business strategist and guru. She has an incredible ability to listen to what you are working on or what your challenges are, ask thoughtful questions, and collaborate in developing actionable solutions that really actually improve your work. Megan has been my right-hand person for my financial firm since Day 1, and I could not ask for a better person to help me grow ... and grow... and GROW!

Delaney Monahan,

Director Of Client Services

Megan is an outstanding coach, advisor, and mentor who leads with her caring. Megan's thoughtful perspective, energizing spirit, and insightful wisdom has served me countless times. She is the person you want in your corner.

Aviva Brill,

MSW + Best-Life Coach

It is not every day or even every year that one has the opportunity to meet someone who is intelligent, lovely, capable, thoughtful and kind. On top of that, to be able to spend time with them at length! What a treat! I am basking in the good, accomplishment-centered energy we created in our conversation. I feel pointed in the right direction (straight into my areas of fear and discomfort). Yay!

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