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Integrating Sales and Organizational Cultures for Success w/ Bob Lambert

In this episode of Culture Conversations, host Megan Robinson interviews Robert Lambert, a sales guru and executive with over 40 years of experience in strategic business development. They discuss Bob's background and his expertise in building successful businesses that generate millions of dollars in revenue. Bob shares his insights on sales processes, people, and the importance of culture in driving business success. Tune in to learn from this sales mastermind and gain valuable tips on maximizing your team's potential.

Bob Lambert

Bob Lambert is a dynamic, high-energy executive with a solid record of leading/building successful businesses, generating millions of dollars in revenue, and growing profits. He has over 40+ years of experience in strategic business development, marketing, and sales for Global 50 F' 1000 companies and is the founder of four successful entrepreneurial start-ups.

Bob has successfully coached, mentored, & trained people throughout his career. As a result, several have become top executives with Fortune 1000 companies or found successful entrepreneurial firms.

He founded the Samurai Business Group LLC®, an award-winning sales & business development performance firm that developed revolutionary, results-driven Sales and Sales Management Mastery™ programs. The center of this program is the propriety Buying Decision Model™. Through affiliation with DePaul University's "Center for Sales Leadership," the Model is being used by 36 universities in their sales curriculum.

He co-authored "Put the WIN back in Your Sales" and received the Chicago Daily Herald Entrepreneurial Excellence Life Time Achievement Award.


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