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The Effects of Technology on Humanity and Self-Leadership w/ Brad Fisher

"Ambiguity, stagnation, scarcity, mistrust, instability and inconsistency. Those are the six nasty words that are symptoms of being stuck in the scalability trap."

In this episode of Culture Conversations, host Megan Robinson speaks with Brad Fisher about the intersection of technology and humanity in the workplace, and the importance of using technology intentionally in order to build a supportive work culture. Brad shares insights from his experience working with business leaders and family businesses, emphasizing the need for continuous care in building and maintaining a strong workplace culture. The episode highlights the challenges of navigating rapidly evolving employee trends, while also offering strategies for unlocking the long-term potential of companies and their families.

Brad Fisher

Brad Fisher works with business leaders who want to unlock the long-term potential of their companies and their families. He speaks and writes about scalability, leadership, and family business matters. He recently published a book called Family Business Abundance.

Brad is the co-founder and Partner of The Scalability Leadership Group (SLG) and Featherstone Holdings. He has devoted most of his career to entrepreneurship in the business-to-business, technology, healthcare, and investment management arenas.

Brad worked to build multiple ventures during his early career, including Aim 21, Incorporated, a software company. After selling Aim 21 to Reuters, he founded Tailwind, Incorporated, an online resource center for entrepreneurs and small business owners. The American Towns Network acquired Tailwind.

Brad Fisher received an M.B.A. from Stanford University and a B.S. in Economics from the University of Minnesota. He is and has been a board member of many fine companies and non-profit institutions.


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