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Navigating the Evolving Workplace Landscape: Faith-Based Strategies for Success w/ Mansa Latham

"And so if I can bring those types of values into an organization to develop their leaders and to help them accomplish their business goals and priorities, it warms my heart."

In this episode of Culture Conversations, host Megan Robinson is joined by Mansa Latham, a strategic HR thought leader and founder of Amenity HR. They discuss the topic of faith in the workplace, exploring what it means to be a faith-based organization. Mansa shares his insights and experiences working with small to medium-sized businesses and nonprofits, emphasizing the importance of community building and supporting the neurodiverse community. This conversation delves into a potentially controversial topic that is often overlooked in organizations. Tune in to gain valuable insights on building a culture that embraces faith and fosters growth and success.

Mansa Latham

Mansa Latham is a Strategic HR Thought-Leader and the Founder of Amenti.HR a consulting firm helping small-medium sized businesses and nonprofits attract and retain the talent they need to accomplish their business priorities faster. Mansa’s background began in real estate banking before transitioning into strategic human resources where he gained experience working for organizations including Intel, Poshmark and Tesla. Mansa is passionate about community-building and a member of Lions Club International and Rotary International. Mansa is also a board member for Community Support Services (CSS) which is a nonprofit supporting members of the neurodiverse community and their families. Mansa Latham is from Aurora, IL where Faith, Family and Fellowship fill his free time.

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