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Is Leadership Fluffy Like a Stuffed Animal?

I have tried many times to make leadership fun and fluffy. You a stuffed animal. Something that makes you feel good: it comforts you. That cute little bear or dog or hippo we all grew up with and slept with every night. Whenever I talk with people about leadership, I want them to feel comfortable with it, willing to engage in it, learn from it and improve their lives with it. I really want everyone to be as impassioned with leadership as I am. I want them to escape the mediocrity of our world and journey down roads that only a few leaders are willing to traverse - journeying to a place where they become better people, help others, are proud of themselves and those traveling with them on the journey.

Here is the truth! Leadership can be fun and fluffy…….sometimes! But usually it is hard and often stretches people beyond where they think they are able to go. Practicing leadership is a lifelong endeavor and it puts us in places that are often very uncomfortable, sometimes dire and always challenging. Who would want that?

In all my years in business and leadership I cannot tell you how many times I have asked myself that question or heard others ask it. Why do I do this? Why do I wish to be better? How do I do those things? Are the rewards worth the effort?

There are many stories about the good, the bad, and the ugly of my leadership. We could talk for days about them and I am sure you have stories about your leadership as well. But here is the thing - I would have missed out on much of my life if it were not for learning and practicing the best leadership I was capable of. And rest assured, there were some fun and fluffy times: many rewards, great relationships, desirable profits, huge growth and sometimes general euphoria! Then there were the epic failures, damaged and sometimes lost relationships, huge crises, and that nagging question, “Why do I do this?”

Great leadership does not lead to perfection but it does yield rich rewards, personally and professionally. It builds great character, amazing organizations, and relationships that are very deep and tend to stay together for years. Other amazing rewards from good leadership include greater profits, the capacity to learn from your epic failures and turning them into huge successes, and the ability to avert or successfully navigate any crisis.

For over 40 years now, it has been my honor to help people in so many places in their lives (and in mine) to become better leaders and to teach them how to navigate the leadership landscape. Now, Megan Robinson and I are embarking on a new journey together to help others long in their pursuit of great leadership. Our two new programs, The Emerging Leader Experience and The Executive Leader Experience are filling up with folks wishing to improve their lives, careers and organizations. Come join us! I guarantee it will be the most valuable program you have ever engaged in.

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