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Do You Do What You Say You Will Do?

Leaders do WHAT they say they will do, WHEN they say they will do it! It seems there are many leaders who have a tough time with this thought. Maybe we get drawn into the events of the day, or the month, the year, or even our lives. Maybe there are just so many things requiring our attention that we just have to ignore a few priorities. Or maybe we are self-absorbed and are unable to focus on anything that does not affect us directly. Sometimes we need a reminder: leadership is not about us! Leadership is about others and how we can take them to new levels in their lives, both personally and professionally. Leadership requires us to do things that are beyond what the general population does. It requires us to function at a higher level, to take the high road, to always act congruently with the principles of true leadership!

Here are a few points that leaders should remember and practice everyday (can you guess the first one?):

  1. ALWAYS do what you say you are going to do. Don’t play the “well, I reconsidered what I said and...” game. Do not get hung up on how much it costs. If you said you would do it, then do it!! Plain and simple.

  2. Understand that “everything rises and falls on leadership,” as my friend John Maxwell says. It is really true, if you think about it. Leadership affects everything we do, how we act (self leadership), how we interface with others, our relationships, our work, our family...everything.

  3. Don’t get out of bed in the morning until you have decided to lead yourself, and don’t even think about trying to lead others until you have a handle on yourself. If your ability to lead yourself is not present, just stay under the covers!

  4. Many of us have opted out of leadership. Maybe it’s too hard, it takes work, or we think we can survive without it. If we choose not to serve as leaders, we will be very unhappy with our results. Leadership requires a lot of work - even leading oneself is hard, but the results are fantastic!! It is necessary to do the hard work in order to make your life and profession better in the long run.

  5. Remember, there is no real separation between our personal and professional lives. What happens in one happens in the other. So always make room for growth in both places, and continue learning ways to become a better leader and a better person. It pays big dividends in both relationships and profits.

Be a leader, a real leader!! Follow through with action, and do what you say you will do! Be a better person! Reap amazing rewards! You will love what you become!


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