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Transforming Your Workforce w/ Mike Kritzman

People respect what you inspect. So don't have one of these meetings and then forget about it for months.

In this episode of Culture Conversations, host Megan Robinson sits down with Mike Kritzman, founder and CEO of SkillNet, to discuss the importance of skill-based organizations. Mike shares his expertise on skill management and skill-based learning, highlighting the benefits of aligning skills with business objectives.

They delve into the challenges organizations face without a skill-based approach and how SkillNet's platform helps bridge the gap. From the evolution of spreadsheets to automated skill tracking, Mike provides valuable insights on creating a culture of continuous learning and intentional skill development within organizations. They emphasize the significance of measuring and managing skills effectively to drive employee growth and organizational success.

Tune in to learn how SkillNet is revolutionizing the way companies approach skill development and how you can transform your organization into a skill-based powerhouse. Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation on the people side of work and the impact of skill-based organizations on workplace culture.

Mike Kritzman

Mike is the Founder and CEO at SkillNet and a thought leader on skill management and skill-based learning. Earlier in his career, Mike held leadership roles at Oracle and Ernst and Young where he used spreadsheets to inventory skills of his people.

Years later, Mike founded SkillNet to offer a cloud service for skill and certification tracking. One of the most powerful aspects of the SkillNet platform is that the technology identifies individual skill gaps and uses them to construct personalized development plans. SkillNet helps F100 and smaller firms become skill-based organizations. The firm provides expert consulting services that feature carefully designed skill taxonomies.

Mike collaborates with other thought leaders to create skill-based, micro-learning programs that fully utilize SkillNet’s features to deliver a rapid return on investment for clients.


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