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Enhancing and Embracing the Employee Experience w/ Michael Platt

"Whether you're with me for 40 years or 40 weeks, my job is to make you the best employee that you can be."

In this episode of Culture Conversations, host Megan Robinson welcomes guest Mike Platt, a renowned speaker and expert in accounting firm trends and leadership. With almost 40 years of experience, Mike shares his unique perspective on enhancing and embracing the employee experience in professional services firms. He discusses the importance of empowering change, challenging individuals to think differently, and overcoming obstacles in the workplace. Tune in for valuable insights and practical examples to help you create a thriving work culture.

Platt Consulting Group

A sought-after speaker both domestically and internationally, Mike specializes in accounting firm trends, innovation, leadership, benchmarking, and analysis. Close to 40 years of hands-on experience and interaction with firms of all sizes gives Mike a unique perspective on what works and what doesn’t inside professional services firms. His interest in working with the accounting profession has been fueled by his desire to help professionals reach their potential. “My goal is to act as a catalyst to empower change, challenge individuals to think differently and show how others like them have successfully overcome obstacles that are common in professionals’ lives,” Mike says. Outside of his professional life, Mike continues to find ways to incorporate his love of history, family genealogy and travel into meaningful volunteer activities.


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